Ready to Make Your Best Birth Experience A Reality?

Ready to Make Your Best Birth Experience A Reality?

Better Birthing online courses include the following options:

  • Better Birthing Core – the essentials for a complete birth education.
  • With Hypnosis – the essentials, plus childbirth hypnosis techniques.
  • With Jesus – the essentials, plus Christian-faith-based encouragement.
  • All In – everything included.

Go Natural Simply, Your Body is Built For It -
For Your Natural Birth, Preparation is Paramount

Many moms want a natural birth, but don’t prepare themselves for it and end up going to the hospital and getting an epidural.

This doesn’t have to happen if you don’t want it to. This is a birthing class tailored to give you your best birth experience.

  • Learn about the entire birth process and how to handle your new bundle.
  • Become a master of mentally and physically managing your discomfort, pushing, and fatigue.
  • Cultivate a supportive and caring partner to walk with you through the process.
  • Alleviate all your concerns, uncertainty, doubt and fear surrounding the birth process.

Better Birthing Core: all you need to accomplish all of this. Add in Hypnosis to add another tool to your belt for managing pain and discomfort.

11 video-based lessons Services to get you totally prepared on your schedule, from the comfort of your own home.

As a parent myself, I am all too aware of the commitments and time constraints of life. Finding time to complete a whole course is hard. Remembering everything you need to be successful is even more difficult.

  • Positive Birth Language
  • The Anatomy of Pregnancy and Birth
  • The Stages of Birth
  • Baby Positions
  • Prenatal Care Choices
  • Hypnosis Part 1 (if purchased)
  • Pregnancy Nutrition
  • Exercise, Sleep, and Hydration
  • Things to Avoid While Pregnant
  • Managing Pregnancy Discomforts
  • Emotional Health
  • Hypnosis Part 2 (if purchased)
  • Managing Care in Birthing Time
  • Managing Newborn Care Choices
  • Creating a Birth Plan and Baby Care Plan
  • Understanding Complications
  • Hypnosis Part 3 (if purchased)
  • Birthing Time Tools and Positions
  • Birthing Affirmations
  • Hypnotic Tools for Birthing
  • Packing Your Birth Bag
  • Birth Walk-Through
  • Hypnosis Part 4 (if purchased)
  • Postpartum Care
  • Early Parenting
  • Breastfeeding Basic
  • Marriage and Family Adjustments
  • Postpartum Resources

All Better Birthing online courses will include the following topics:

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This course was built for you. It is no-nonsense, concise, targeted information. We won’t waste your time with information you don’t need. What you see on TV is not generally a real birth experience. We curated this information from many respected sources so you don’t have to. Your investment in this course will pay you back with the best birth experience that you can have.