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    New Online Courses Launched

    As of early 2021, Better Birthing has moved to all online childbirth classes. Courses are available through the online platform, Teachable, and can be enjoyed as a self-paced home-study program. Each course can also be upgraded to add one-on-one video call support, which includes one session per week to go through the course together and answer any questions you may have. Learn more about Better Birthing courses and how to sign up here!

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    Covid-19 Update

    Hello to all the lovely gestating moms out there! I am continuing to teach Better Birthing classes during the Coronavirus pandemic, via two options: Remote classes via video call are always an option for my students, and will continue to be offered. For local students, in-person classes in my home or yours are also still an option I am offering, particularly since my classes are all private, one-on-one classes. For in-person classes, I will be following safety guidelines by wearing a mask and maintaining social-distancing of at least 6-13 feet while I am at my students’ home, or vice versa. I will also sanitize my hands frequently, especially before touching…